Business Plan 2024-25 (BP24)

BP24 sets out the required scope and draft budget for the provision of Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) services during the 2024-25 financial year. It also provides a forecasted budget for 2025-27.

The overarching aim of BP24 is to provide clarity and transparency for our customers and to encourage ongoing stakeholder engagement. We are committed to following the guidelines set out in the BP24 Principles and Approach (P&A) document published in July 2023.

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Planning for uncertainty

Last year’s planning cycle was overshadowed by a series of global and domestic events which combined to create increased uncertainty and an added layer of complexity in business decision-making.

Since then, focus has largely returned to systemic issues affecting the efficiency and resilience of the UK energy market. including how to reduce the costs of operating the commercial gas market. There have also been several important policy statements, providing some guidance on the role hydrogen, biomethane, gas blending and carbon capture will play in a future energy system.

More policy is expected, and it’s important to acknowledge that the future shape of the gas market remains uncertain. It’s crucial that we acknowledge this uncertainty, that we are ready to adapt, and that we are clear about how we will manage the risks associated with investing as the market evolves.

Value for money (VfM)

In the P&A document that preceded this Business Plan, we highlighted that clearly articulating VfM was a key principle for BP24, and during the dedicated P&A roundtable customers agreed that it should be a priority focus area. We have adopted the 4E framework for BP24, as a way of articulating VfM clearly and concisely through Economy, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Equity.

To provide additional transparency, a detailed, independent Efficiency (VfM) Review has been completed and the report is available. The results provide some comfort as to our overall level of efficiency but also shine a light on some issues, All recommendations are being reviewed with our customers, and will be included in the finalised BP24.

A review of our Cost Allocation Methodology (CAM) is also underway and will make use of the recommendations relating to cost classification from the Efficiency (VfM) Review. We will share information on the CAM review as we move through the BP24 cycle,

Transparency and engagement

We have demonstrated our commitment to transparency in BP24 by sharing more detail about our direct costs and all costs involved in our critical platform-sustaining roadmaps. We will also ensure that customers are provided with opportunities to give us informed feedback on all incrementally scoped change activity. When sharing information and building business cases, we will ensure that specific attention is given to the clear articulation of VfM.

As promised in the P&A document, BP24 will be built on customer engagement, and we will continue to offer new and flexible ways for customers to interact with us as we move through the cycle. The consultation period for BP24 (First Draft) is open until 20th October 2023, and we are holding a BP24 (First Draft) focused roundtable on 3rd October 2023.

To help keep the dialogue between us open, we have formulated some questions to accompany this stage of the BP24 cycle. The questions are intended to stimulate discussion but your comments do not need to be limited to providing responses; we would love to hear all of your feedback. This can also be sent to

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Draft and final documents

The Business Plan documents will be available here on the following dates:

First Draft: 29 Sep 2023

Second Draft: 15 Nov 2023

Final Draft: 15 Dec 2023

Final Version: 29 Jan 2024