Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

I am delighted to present Xoserve’s proposed approach to constructing its business plan for 2024-2025 (BP 24)

We build on good foundations, with our highest ever levels of operational delivery and customer satisfaction under the DSC+ contract. This has been facilitated by investments over the last several years to improve system resilience, cyber security and delivering new features.

We strive for continual improvement, and have taken on board customer feedback, requesting that customers be given earlier sight of future Business Plans, in order to be able to have a greater say and input to the business planning process. We particularly welcome input which will help us to prioritise investments, and deliver greater efficiency to our customers.

Its clear from the latest ICS survey that our customers are happy with service delivery, giving us our highest ever score for customer satisfaction.  The challenges arise in the commercial space where customers, understandably, want to ensure they’re paying a fair amount for the services they receive.  Our focus in this business planning cycle will be on value for money, evidencing the value in current services as well as future investments.  

We have heard your request for greater transparency and have introduced this as a fifth principle into our Business Plan process, this will be applied to every aspect, running as our “golden thread” throughout to ensure it is given greater prominence throughout.

We continue to challenge our service providers to identify opportunities for efficiencies and cost reductions to benefit end consumers, and are working with Industry to fine tune the commercial governance of Xoserve.

This year we are introducing a fresh approach to the way we shape our services, rather than assess the market’s needs, identify investments which could help and include them in  Business Plan, we are moving to a more collaborative approach, built on the sharing of investment ideas at an earlier stage and collective decision making on which way forward is in  the best interests of consumers.

I urge you to participate in this planning cycle, to help us construct the most customer-inclusive business plan yet.

Steve Brittan
CEO, Xoserve